The “Zillertalbahn”

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“Sure, punctual, comfortable, stress-free and traffic-free experience the Zillertal.”

The construction of the Zillertal Railway was finally decided on 21 April 1895 and completed with great difficulty and financial difficulties on 31.07.1902.
At this time, the railway owned two locomotives called “Raimund” and “Zillertal”, as well as 10 passenger cars and 22 freight and mail cars.

The Zillertal Railway is certainly the number one sight in our Zillertal today. From Jenbach to Mayrhofen, you can take a leisurely look at the landscape every half hour and travel easily from A to B. It is 32 km long, leads on its partially double-track track on a track of 760 mm over 35 bridges past famous tourist resorts. The maximum speed of the steam trains is 35 km / h.

When traveling by steam train a lot of variety is required. Experience the Zillertal in one of the special cars such as: the convertible car of the “Freiluftbühne”, the children’s car with games compartment or cozy with a snack and a drink in the new buffet car of the “Zillertal Alpenstube”.

Now you certainly know what you should not miss on your next visit to the Zillertal!
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