We offer you delicious pizzas and Italian specialties in the Pizzeria PiNK, which is located in the house! Menu



In our breakfast room you can expect a culinary and rich breakfast.

A basket filled with various fresh bread, sweet pastries, jams made from the finest fruits, honey and chocolate spread, savory cheeses, spicy sausages, a large selection of teas and, of course coffee variations at its best.

In addition, we offer a selection of fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs and egg dishes (eg. scrambled eggs, fried eggs) as well as yoghurt and various cereals. We also serve juices like orange and apple juice.

In pleasant temperatures, you can also have breakfast on our sunny terrace. If you have any other wishes for breakfast, feel free to contact us.

We ask you to tell us at the time of booking whether you suffer from any allergies or tolerate only certain products (eg gluten-free).


  • € 17,00 for adults per day
  • € 11,00 for kids per day up to 10 years


Is there anything more comfortable after a hiking or skiing day – than a comprehensive sauna session. On the one hand to relax the muscles and structures – on the other hand it is widely known that regular sauna visits contribute to a substantial strengthening of the immune system. The body is detoxified, toxins are removed by sweat – the metabolism is stimulated and the interplay of heating and cooling of the body, has a positive effect on the condition of humans. Especially in combination with sports, the sauna is considered very healthy. The positive effect on the mood, the basically relaxing effect as a change to the stressful everyday life … everything speaks for a sauna! Enjoy our wild sauna (Finnish sauna at 80°C) and our organic herbal sauna with herbal infusions every 10 minutes at 60°C! In summer, for the sake of the environment, we only turn on the sauna when you want it!