Take a trip on the historic steam train to either Mayrhofen at the end of the valley or in the other direction towards the Inntal. Such a trip is a highlight at any time of the year as it allows you to see the valley from a totally new perspective. Not only the train’s steam but also a hint of nostalgia and deceleration are ideally suited to make you slow down and relax. Construction of the railway line was started in 1900 and two years later, in 1902, the first train took off from Jenbach to Mayrhofen. The first plans for a railway line were made as early as 40 years prior – due to bad roads and an increase in Alpine tourism. Come aboard and let the train take you through history.


The planetarium in Schwaz is a 30-minute drive away and is an ideal destination on rainy days or evenings. It offers a comprehensive programme that is suitable for both kids and adults. You have a choice of classic simulations of the universe and the stars as well as jaw-dropping 3D movies about the landing on the moon (“Grenzenlos”), a space adventure (“Abenteuer Raumfahrt”) or the beginnings of planet earth (“Queen Heaven”), which is accompanied by a soundtrack of Queen songs. Words alone won’t do an experience at the planetarium justice – it’s best to go and see for yourself!

Swarovski Kristallwelten

The crystal glass manufacturer Swarovski has enlisted Austrian artist André Heller with the conceptualisation of the Swarovski Kristallwelten, tasking him to create a cultural experience, which now ranks among the top tourist destinations in Austria. Alongside regularly changing special exhibitions, “The Giant”, made up of several so-called wonder chambers and surrounded by a diversely landscaped garden, is one of the highlights at the Kristallwelten.
Obviously, everything at the Swarovski Kristallwelten is about glass and crystals. Culture meets architecture on a high level. The tourist attraction is subject to constant upgrades and changes that will lure any visitor back.